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Avoid unnecessary surveys.
We'll make it easy for you to switch
We make every attempt to avoid unnecessary surveys and frequently accept an existing survey. If a new survey is required, we can sometimes accept an in-water survey, and in some cases, this can be a self-survey.

Professional Surveys
As a service to you, we maintain access to two professional surveyor association membership lists to help you locate a surveyor. Click on either of the two highlighted links below, to find a surveyor in your area.

The National Association of Marine Surveyors, Inc.
P.O. Box 9306
Chesapeake, VA 23321-9306
1-800-822-6267 or 1-757-488-9538

Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors
4605 Cardinal Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32210
1-800-344-9077 or 1-904-384-1494

Survey Pointers
When ordering your survey, bear in mind that most insurers require a Condition and Valuation (C&V) survey. Such surveys provide your vessel's market value. In addition, for your own peace of mind, you may want to ask the surveyor to note any exceptions to the construction standards of the National Fire Protection Association, American Boat & Yacht Council, and U.S. Coast Guard.

Norman-Spencer Marine provides this contact information strictly as a customer service and makes no representation, implied or otherwise, about the subject surveryors' service quality.


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